a rogue agent. a terrible secret. a covert mission. a conspiracy fifty years in the making.

You are a highly decorated British spook. You have been ordered to hunt down and terminate a rogue agent, who has betrayed the agency and fled with state secrets to an abandoned military facility on an island deep within Russian territory. Your mission is of the highest priority and secrecy. But not everything is as it seems, and sometimes even your own people cannot be trusted. The island is hiding more than meets the eye.

Kuzka's Mother is a hybrid of action and classic-adventure style gaming. The story plays out on a mysterious Cold War-era island featuring seamless indoor and massive outdoor environments to explore, with inventory-based puzzles to solve and hostile agents to defeat. The full story is unraveled over the course of several day/night cycles.

Kuzka's Mother won the Game of the Year and Best Execution prizes in the student game development competition Norwegian Game Awards, 2009.

download the GAME DEMO and EDITOR here (92 MB, Win32/64)

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NOTE: Kuzka's Mother has fairly high system requirements. You must have a middle- or high-end graphics card, which supports Shader Model 3.0 and has at least 6 billion texels/sec fill-rate. In practice this means you need a GeForce 7600 or better, or an ATI X1600 or better.

Kuzka's Mother has two modes: puzzle mode and movement mode. You switch between these modes by clicking the right mouse-button.

In puzzle mode, the mouse pointer is visible and you can use it to interact with the objects around you. Click on an object with the left mouse-button to pick it up or interact with it. In movement mode, the mouse pointer is hidden, and moving the mouse causes the player to look around the world.

Chapter One: Iron Sharpeth Iron is complete. After receiving your mission briefing, you pilot a RIB to the island and arrive on a beach littered with discarded Cold War-era military wrecks. After exploring the beach, you find your way to a decaying airstrip and vechicle depo complex. Your mark is nowhere to be seen, but you're not alone for long..